FAQ - Weddings

How do we book you in?
Send us an email or visit our contact page and let us know when and where your wedding is and a bit about yourselves.

Where are you based?
In Burleigh but we’re usually in and around beautiful Byron Bay and we're always super happy to travel!

What does a feature / highlight clip mean?
We take all the best, memorable, fun & sentimental moments from your day, paired with the most fitting music and combine it into one awesome video for you to watch back and re live over and over again.

How would you describe your style?
I’d like to describe our photography and editing style as romantic, natural and real. We have so much fun with our couples that it often feels like we’re old friends and we just happen to have a camera and you just happen to be dressed up having the best day ever haha we just want to document the love and fun that is your day.

Can we catch up in the process?
Yes please, let’s have a coffee, a beer or a chat on the phone if distance is keeping us apart! We’re here for any questions, ideas or assistance you may need in the planning process.

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