FAQ - Weddings

How do we book you in?
Send us an email or visit our contact page and let us know when and where your wedding is and a bit about yourselves.

Where are you based?
Burleigh on the Gold Coast but we’re usually in and around Byron Bay and we're always happy to travel!

What does a feature / highlight clip mean?
We take all the best, memorable, fun & sentimental moments from your day, paired with the most fitting music and combine it into one awesome video for you to watch back and re live over and over again.

Will you make us do anything awkward?
I would hope not! We like to keep our photos and clips super natural and candid. I'd love you to watch a clip that was so true to your actual day so we don't set up rails or any intrusive gear that can make you feel like you're in a commercial. Of course during the portrait session you might have a kiss and a laugh but only because you just got married, so heck why not!

Can you capture both of us getting ready separately before the wedding?
Yes! There are packages that you can choose either one or two of us to be shooting. Choosing two of us means we can split up and capture those exciting preparation moments leading up to your ceremony. If you choose to have one of us we do what we can to capture both of you but we'll need to know the times and distance from each other and the venue you're planning to be. 

Anything we can do to help?
Think about having an unplugged ceremony - no guests on phones, cameras, iPads etc. It's a shame when we see your friends and family missing these important moments because they're busy taking a picture or choosing the right filter. Let them leave the job up to the awesome photographers and videographers you've paid to capture this once in a lifetime moment. Plus there can be the heartbreaking moment their iPhone is in the way of a shot, eeeppp! Also feel free to ask our advice on timings of your day so we can be sure to work with the best lighting possible!

Can I have the RAWs?
We do not offer RAW photos or footage with any of our packages (besides speeches for full day weddings). RAW files to us are an unfinished product and we will never deliver a job half done. If your heart is set on seeing a particular moment let us know before hand and we'll make sure you do. Don't worry we make sure everything of importance and value makes the cut :) Speeches are provided separately with Video packages.

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